Cooking With Buddy : Chocolate Nests

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Yummy, yummy and easy and quick to make, so why not! Yup, Button is fast asleep and I'm just trying to keep Buddy busy till bedtime. So we are making some chocolate cornflake nests. 


50g butter
100g chocolate, broken into small pieces
2.5 tbsp golden syrup
80g cornflakes


1. Grown ups can do this and can have a bit of help stirring from the kiddies, just remember aprons on and hair tied back. Place the butter and the chocolate pieces in a saucepan with the golden syrup. Slowly melt over low heat, stirring. When the mixture is well blended, stir in the cornflakes.  

2. The messy or clean bit depending on what you do. Hands in and make a few nest shapes, place onto a plate covered in baking paper.  Or place some small paper cake cases on a tray. Fill each one with a heaped tablespoon of the mixture. Put in the fridge to set.

Have fun with them, we added mini chocolate eggs to our nests but you could add sprinkles, dried fruit, marshmallows. You could try rice crispies or shredded wheat instead of cornflakes, use dark chocolate or try something adventurous!

Happy Face!

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Morning Tea - Banana Oat Cookies

Friday, 21 February 2014

Finally, a blog post, I have been busy with a side project of mine which I hope to show you in late April, it shall all become clear. 
However back to the now, I was just searching the pantry for some morning tea and was a bit lost on what to give Buddy & Button today. So on to Pinterest I went and I found this picture, I'm afraid I don't know where it came from, does anyone know the source??

Anyhoo, let's try them out shall we. Will they be a hit? 

Yes, yes they were with Buddy anyway, Button wasn't too fussed but as you can see it seems she was eating chalk instead!

Happy Face
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Buddy - The master at hiding!

Snail Mail

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Yesterday I got a note to say I'd missed a parcel, that's always nice to see a parcel from home and when I came back there was another sitting by the door, double yay! Buddy gets really excited about opening them up and seeing what has come for him and Button this time. Thinking about it the only letter Buddy has ever wrote was to Santa and he replied with a typed letter. Come on Santa!

So I thought I'd try an experiment, but I will need your help fellow mummys. How about we go back to our day and try a pen pal or few, a hand written letter from the kids to the kids (for those old enough, otherwise I'm sure the mums can help out). We can add printed photos, not ones uploaded straight from a phone that we can keep and cherish in a photo album of all things! From e-mail back to #snailmail.

So what do we think? Could the kids make some new friends today?

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Buddy's birthday present (a month early, I know)has arrived from Granny, Grandad, Auntie Gigi, Auntie Tiree and Uncle Steven, wait is that everyone? After a wee wait it is finally up and it's so much fun, well wouldn't you have a go!

Open the door after breakfast and off they go while I watch them from the window, they are loving it.
Now they are more of a blur than ever.
Happy face!
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Boredom Busters

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A bit of gloomy day fun (It's not quite raining, yet). I have seen these activities through the many blogs I search through so thought I'd give them a try today. Keeping the little monsters busy and happy in between food and sleep is what I do everyday so got to keep things interesting and different. 

So what did we do so far, well here comes the mass amount of photos to show you.

Some masking tape on the doorway and some tape rolled up in to balls and away they flew. Even Button tried.

While Button had a nap Buddy wanted to wash his toys, I suggested a car wash to limit the amount of toys went in the sink. 

A bit of motor skills fun, with pipe cleaners and a colander. Then out came the cotton balls and tongs, Button working on her pincer grip and Buddy adding and subtracting.

Add a bit of tape to the floor and it can become anything that they imagine. Today it was a maze and Buddy kicked the ball through, if he hit the tap he had to go back to the start. This was lots of fun till Button came along. 

And then the old faithful board games. Yay Pop-Up Pirate!

lThere is lots for us to do and yes, I did it all in one afternoon. A bit more imagination however and we'll have another crazy day tomorrow. 

Happy face!

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New Logo Design

Sunday, 2 February 2014

I'm busy designing a new logo for the blog while the kiddies play out in the sun. I'm pretty burnt from the last sunny day, annoying fact about being a red headed Scot. So I'm doing something productive instead.
Here are a few that i have done so far. Once I start I can;t stop and now i can't decide. What do you think??


Thoughts needed! I keep designing more as I guess I'm just not at the right one yet. 
Happy Face
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Pancake Sunday : Blueberry

We love pancake Sunday in our house, though sometimes I do lose track of what day it is and we have pancakes on any old day instead. Sometimes I feel like I'm back on ship time.
Anyhoo, today I had a wee pottle of blueberries in the fridge that needed using up  and after seeing these yummy looking treats over at p.s. heart I just had to try them.
                                                via p.s.heart
I made a few wee tweaks to suit what I had in the pantry, and they may not look as amazing as hers but we were happy with our result. 
Blueberry Pancakes

1 1/2 cup Flour
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
2 tablespoons Sugar
1/2 teaspoon Salt 
1 large Egg 
2 tablespoons Vegetable Oil 
1 cup Milk 
1 1/3 cup Blueberries

1)  In a large bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, sugar and salt.
2)  In a separate bowl, whisk together egg, milk, and oil.
3)  Make a well in the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients, and whisk together.
4)  Stir together until just combined.
5)  Finally, fold in blueberries.
6)  Pour 1/4 cup or so of batter onto a heated pan or griddle and cook each side until lightly browned. (I added a bit of butter before so it didn't stick)
7)  Serve with lemon glaze, maple syrup, or a blueberry sauce!

Buddy thought they were really yummy and hopefully Button will too when she wakes up. But for now, more for mum!

Happy Pancake Sunday! (this post was brought to you on a Saturday heehee)

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