Noon Years Eve

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New years has become a huge celebration around the world, unfortunately for many little ones they miss out on all the fun. Well not any more with a Noon Years Eve party they can get the excitement of the countdown and celebrate in style without being well up past their bed times. Good for mum and dad too!

We had dollar shop star glasses, pipe cleaner crowns, sprinkled milk shots and a countdown to a fun balloon drop. All easy to do and so much fun for all. 

Well there is always one who is in a room on their own but she came around when the countdown started. 

And of course we had a little something for the adults as well. Winky Face!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy Face!

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We'll be back soon

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

We will be back soon I promise, but for now here is just a wee update on what's been happening the past few months. Buddy and Button have been on an amazing adventure from their home in NZ all the way to the other side of the world, visiting our family in Scotland. An adventure long over due as mum and dad B & B got married and we also welcomed a new addition, a wee scottish cousin. 

It was a fabulous trip, but we are finally getting back in to the swing of being back home and what a time to be back. We love Christmas, though I am still not used to having it in the sun. 

We'll be back with more posts soon, including a major post on our trip and how to travel long haul with little ones and of course our Buddy is almost 5 so we have a big birthday party theme and crafts to come.

Can't wait.

Happy Face Indeed!!

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