Jurassic Park : The Lost World of Cardboard

Monday, 28 July 2014

As you well know we love a good rummage around the recycling to do a little UPcycling as often as we can. Buddy & Button love cardboard boxes, what kid doesn't and Mum is a big fan of making those boxes in to something a little bit special. 

This was a good haul today and some had already been painted, I don't remember doing that? So what to do? After a wee think, I remember going out with Buddy and he found some toy dinosaurs well you can guess what happens next.

I cut up three cereal boxes, added a few pieces of cardboard for fenced off areas and two plastic containers for an entrance.

Paint, paint, paint. Get the paint out and let them go wild(ish).

I painted the fiddly bits, the borders and the entrance.

Finally a little decoration. I hand drew this, quite proud of myself actually. Go me!

Add in the little dinosaurs.

A plane and a truck is a must.

Buddy taking one of his dinosaurs for a tour around the park. It was so much fun to make and Buddy is loving his new home for his dinosaurs. Button was less than impressed, I may need to make a zoo for her.  
Happy Face!
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Back with a Button Photo Shoot

Saturday, 26 July 2014

With some much needed personal time I am back with those cuddly and very cute wee ones Buddy & Button. What have you missed, just a lot of planning! In 3 weeks we leave on our adventure to Scotland where Mum and Dad are finally getting married and Buddy & Button have a Scottish cousin to wait for. So we will be having a very busy 3 months and lots of travel and special moments to blog about. 

This is what happens when I try and get in a photo, why I stay behind the camera. Ha! It's a great photo of Buddy though. Speaking of which, he is away at his Nana's house today so I'm going behind the camera one again and taking photo's of our beautiful wee Button. 

That girl is just naturally photogenic, I have no idea who she gets it from, certainly not me. Buddy & Button are going to steal the show at our Wedding in November. Though I am very much looking forward to having a family photo. FINALLY!

Happy to be back, Happy Face!! 

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