Christmas Crafts!! - Santa Beards

Monday, 2 December 2013

It is finally December and that means it is almost Christmas, and now the start of our Christmas craft fun! We are lucky to have one of Buddy's friends here twice a week so we are saving the Christmas crafty fun to do together!

Living in New Zealand it is a sunny and warm Christmas for us, but I will always miss my snowy and wintry Christmases back in Scotland. So we will just have to add a little winter to our NZ summer! 

First on the list, Santa beards. It was so easy to make and the kids had great fun with all the cotton wool or 'little clouds' to them. So cute.

A little prep first, I cut out a beard shape for them and then it was their turn. Taping a stick to the back for them to hold.

Turns out someone (buddy) used up all of the glue, all four sticks of it so I had to use my strong craft glue. I added it to their paper and they went 'little cloud' mad! 

Here he is, our wee Santa Buddy and his beard! 

 Merry Crafting! 
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  1. This is adorable! We are doing this at my son's preschool Christmas party, I was wondering what type of paper you used to put the beard on. I'm worried regular copy paper won't hold up very well.

  2. Hi,Yes I did use a thicker paper, I'd say pretty close to card actually. I'd also secure the stick a bit better than I did, apart from that it lasted till Button got hold of it. Hope they have an awesome time making their Santa beards, would love to see how they turn out! :)