It's been a while ..

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Well it has been a while hasn't it but we are back. Thought not all of us are 100%, poor Buddy has the kiddie flu and is not a happy camper. Now mum has a clingy wee man to give plenty of cuddles too and a little miss who is set to wake up from her nap any minute. 

So it's time to go into crafty mum mode and set out some fun for Button that she can do on her own while I sit with Buddy all snuggled up.

A few favourites came out, ziplock painting, those good old motor skills activities are always a winner. We had some ribbons in a bottle, two tubs, a peg and some cotton balls and connect 4. Add some crayons, paper and envelopes and she should be a busy little Button. 

Oh and mum set out the Trunkie for a ride every so often so she didn't think I was ignoring her.

Great job mum, it worked and Buddy started to feel better suddenly with all these fun activities for him and Button to get stuck in to. 

Happy Face!

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