Tricks & Treats - Spooky Science

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween everyone and what better way to finish off our Tricks & Treats this year with some bubbly mess. 
I love making mess with Buddy & Button and what better than a bit of science with a hint of Halloween. 

All you'll need:

White vinegar (I used apple cider as i realised it was all we had but worked fine)
Baking soda
Green food colouring (or any colour of your choosing)
Rimmed tray (this is for all the mess)
Vase or Glass (I used a pint glass)
Small cup 

I added on some cardboard eyes and mouth to make it a scary experiment however they didn't want to stay put. We added a few spoonfuls of baking soda and food colouring to the glass and I filled up the small cup with vinegar. 

All ready to go, Buddy poured in the vinegar and Whoosh!! 

It wouldn't be science without a bit of experimentation so in went some sprinkles, salt and pepper and extra food colouring to see what would happen. What would you add?

Buddy loved this so much I am on the hunt for some more science fun.

Happy Experimenting and Happy Halloween everyone!

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Tricks & Treats - Happy Halloween

Sunday, 27 October 2013

I know most would have been out this weekend in their spooky and crazy outfits for Halloween tricks and treats. There is so much spooky (and not so spooky) fun to be had for adults and kids. With Buddy & Button being just wee dots still we didn't go too crazy with the Halloween hype this year. A few wee costumes and Black & Orange themed crafty projects is all we needed to get in the hallowed spirit. 

I love dressing up, I am slowly adding to their dress up box. Most came from their granny and a big thanks to her for sending these great outfits over from the UK. Buddy loved chasing after 'little miss ladybug' as she became known. 

Button (who is walking, kind of) was showing off her costume all around the house. While Buddy our budding space cadet wanted to go off to the stars.

So some improvising had to be done sharpish. After some creative thinking I found a present we bought Buddy years back but never used, an Ikea bed canopy. I hooked it up onto his bed (Button was straight in) and put in their turtle night light that shines the stars. I have to say we had a great time in space. 

Once back on earth (not mars, according to buddy) we watched a Halloween Special of Art Attack, to Buddy's delight.

Well it is a few days till said Halloween so I may have a few more tricks & treats up my sleeve but for now, Happy Halloween everyone!

 photo happy-halloween-42_zps03a714fe.gif 

 Skye, Buddy & Button

Tricks & Treats - Shadow Time

Thursday, 24 October 2013

As a kid I thought shadow puppets were amazing and to tell you the truth, I still do! Whether you are using your hands or making them, they are so simple to do and great entertainment for the kiddies and me.
 For Buddy and I it is a fantastic way to get our imaginations to run wild, while Button enjoys the shapes and stories. 

This was a little puppet theater I made years ago when it was just us and Buddy. I made it from an empty cereal box and grease proof paper, Minieco has easy to follow instructions for a puppet theater just like mine. The puppets were made from the excess cardboard and Popsicle sticks, I then added a torch behind and Wala! It didn't last the move to our next home sadly but we had lots of fun with our tales of knights, princesses and dragons.  

For some awesome shadow puppets here are two great sites for templates and I found a whole bunch of great Shadow Puppet  templates from Google. 

                                                       Via One Perfect Day

                                                    Via Minieco

Two more weeks and we will be in our new home and my craft/art box will be found again under the mountain of stuff that is our life.  We will have so many crafts to try when I do and this will be one of the first, maybe with a Christmas twist. 

Happy Crafting!

Skye, Buddy & Button

Catch Up

Monday, 14 October 2013

Well back to normal (if you can call it that) after the holidays and some new things are happening with us. We have moved out of our rental and in to Buddy & Buttons Nana's house till we can get the keys to our very first home. The kids are loving it and not fussed about the change, they are still being a crazy bundle of everything. 

Buddy is back to kindy, straight in and I find him painting. Proudly showing me his work of art he starts pointing out the sheet of paper has his name on already, they know him so well! Great to see he loves art as much as I do. 

With Buddy doing what he does best (and I will add, always returning with TWO shoes filled to the brim with sand?) Button and I finally made it to a Little Jigglers class at our local Parents Centre.  It was fantastic for both of us to do something just Button and Mama. She had a great time, and took five steps all on her own, she'll be running after Buddy before we know it.

A new addition to our week also, Buddy starts swimming lessons tomorrow and he can't wait. It's going to be an exciting day and a very long one for him and me, but the smiles and fun will be worth the tired grumpy wee man I'll get later on in the day.

Well, that's us for now. Button is fast asleep after a very busy day and Buddy is beside me reading his books with TAG (his leap frog reader, a handy wee thing). 

Happy Days!

Skye, Buddy & Button 

Tricks & Treats - Halloween food ideas for kids

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Ah Halloween, so many ideas and little time to do them. I was in the mood for baking this morning and was raring to go with some Halloween themed snacks. Then I remembered, we are moving out this weekend and eating through what we have so there is not much left for baking and making. Oh dear, silly me.

Well that shouldn't stop you, so here are 10 Halloween treat ideas for those scary little monsters of yours. 

via the idea room

The Gourmet Mama

via Martha Stewart

via Spoonful

via Gourmet Mom on the Go

via Taste of Home

via My Recipes

via Bright Ideas

via Spoonful

via My Recipes

Lots of fun to be had making these creations and it's up to you if you make them funny or scary. I'm looking forward to making those cute spider cupcakes and now I'm off to search the pantry to see what we can make from this list, I've got to have some eggs somewhere. I can't resist. 

Trick or Treat! 

Skye, Buddy & Button

Buddy is out of the Darkroom

Thursday, 3 October 2013

I love photography, I always thought it would be a career for me and tried it once, however it wasn't for me but I never lost that passion for it. Now it seems that Buddy has the same passion and is always wanting to take pictures of the many things he sees during the day. So here are a few of his photographs for you to love as much as I do. 

These won't be the last from our budding photographer.


Skye, Buddy & Button

Tricks and Treats - Charlie the Spider

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It's October!! Not only does this month have my birthday in it but one of my favourite holidays, Halloween! So this month is going to be all tricks and treats, and to start Buddy wanted to play with charlie, our friendly spider. Charlie isn't a favourite with their dad, so we'll just make one instead of catching him.

I had to go through the recycling but I knew we would have an egg box somewhere, and sure enough there one was, so I cut up one section.

Buddy and I painted it, and the the rest of the carton black. Added googly eyes for fun.

I did the holes for the legs, used the old trick of a ball of playdoh on the inside and pushed through a pencil. Not as easy as it sounds as the paint was still a bit damp.

I added a blue pipe cleaner to hold Charlie, though if I was thinking I would have painted a piece of string while I was at it earlier, never mind. Gave the legs a wee bend to look leg like and taped them in place. 

Here he is, Charlie the Spider, creeping and crawling about the house. 

Buddy asked to make him a wee friend so he doesn't get lonely, will add a photo of Angel when I've made her (yes she will be charlie's angel)

Skye, Buddy & Button