Tricks and Treats - Charlie the Spider

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

It's October!! Not only does this month have my birthday in it but one of my favourite holidays, Halloween! So this month is going to be all tricks and treats, and to start Buddy wanted to play with charlie, our friendly spider. Charlie isn't a favourite with their dad, so we'll just make one instead of catching him.

I had to go through the recycling but I knew we would have an egg box somewhere, and sure enough there one was, so I cut up one section.

Buddy and I painted it, and the the rest of the carton black. Added googly eyes for fun.

I did the holes for the legs, used the old trick of a ball of playdoh on the inside and pushed through a pencil. Not as easy as it sounds as the paint was still a bit damp.

I added a blue pipe cleaner to hold Charlie, though if I was thinking I would have painted a piece of string while I was at it earlier, never mind. Gave the legs a wee bend to look leg like and taped them in place. 

Here he is, Charlie the Spider, creeping and crawling about the house. 

Buddy asked to make him a wee friend so he doesn't get lonely, will add a photo of Angel when I've made her (yes she will be charlie's angel)

Skye, Buddy & Button

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