Pipe Cleaner Challenge - 10 activities with pipe cleaners!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Those pipe cleaners, they have been thrown, eaten (Button got a shock from that) and wrapped around everything. I am having a day off from pipe cleaners though it didn't stop me looking for pipe cleaner activities anyway. So here are 10 things to do with those pesky pipe cleaners, enjoy!

1. Pipe cleaners and a colander, a simple game to help those motor skills

                                        Via Mess for Less 

2. Learning letters and words with pipe cleaners

                             Via Make and Takes

3. Pipe cleaner Glasses

                            Via Meet the Dubiens

4. Pipe cleaner stamp

                                         Via Practically Spent

5. Pipe Cleaner Numbers

                                           Via Learn with Play at Home

6. Pipe cleaner colour sorting

                            Via Engaging Toddler Activites

7. Pipe cleaner flowers

                                  Via Kids Activities Blog

8. Finger Puppets

                             Via Katies Craft Central

9. Pipe cleaners and beads.

                             Via The Imagination Tree

10.  Last but no least one for the mums, pipe cleaners for non-slip hangers, who knew?!

                                       Via In My Own Style

Hope you have fun with those, I know we will the next time we bring them out. Our next challenge, I think we'll be trying toilet rolls. There are so many craft ideas for Buddy & Button to do.

But now, we are off for some outdoor adventures (Must point out Button standing on her own, GO BUTTON and yes I am outside but still on the laptop, that's just me)

Skye, Buddy & Button

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