Feeling poorly

Saturday, 14 September 2013

 My two are always on the go, and are not the best sleepers, they always think they are going to miss something. So when one or both get all cuddly and sleep for what I think is forever, for them anyway, my poor wee Buddy and Button are sick. It is a sure fire way of letting me know what is about to happen and that we need to be prepared. 
An example of this, I am dealing with at this very moment. Button is fast asleep with a fever and has been really cuddly all morning. It can be a helpless feeling especially at Buttons age when she can't talk yet and tell me what hurts. It is a helpless feeling, so plenty of kisses and cuddles it is.

It is just apart of life and they are going to get these bugs along the way. Through these tough days, unless they got really bad and needed a trip to the urgent doctor, I did learn a few wee tricks that help them and me.

1. Medicine

It does help bring down that fever and gets them through the worst of it. The major thing is to keep track of it. I use this printable medicine tracker for two children or adults to make sure I am on top of their medicine intake and if that temperature is coming down. I am also a big fan of Olbas oil (smelly in our household). It was a staple for sick days growing up and I use it on the corners of the pillow or sleeping bag to help those stuffy noses through the night. 

2. Eat

Trying to get them to eat can be challenging. With Buddy and Button, food doesn't taste the same so they refuse most of the time. When they are sick they mostly get a diet of plain bread or pasta, apples and water or formula. I try and stay away from dairy as this can make them feel worse if they are stuffed up, chesty or snotty. However as long as they are drinking fluids and keeping something in their tummys I am happy. 

3. Bathtime

I I can get the room warm and cosy I will give them a bath to cheer them up a bit. Baths are one of their favourite things and the steam in the room can help loosen up those snotty noses and chesty coughs too. 

4. Rest

Plenty of rest is a must. At the moment it may result in Buddy, Button and I on the couch (sometimes all four of us), snuggled in blankets, watching Winnie the Pooh or any other favourite movie. I can give cuddles till they fall asleep and keep an eye on the other one. Keeping it to one room makes my life easier, I just bring it all to me instead of going back and forth. And if you can, sleep when they sleep!

5. Doctor

If your little one isn't getting back to their usual little selves you have every right to take them to the doctor, even if it is something small. It is good to have that piece of mind after all. I always write a wee list of whats been happening and questions I want to ask, cause most times than not I always forget something.

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If you are in need of these tips I hope your little ones get well soon and big hugs from us!

Skye, Buddy & Button

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