DIY superhero costume - No Sew Cape

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Ah a superhero party to go to and nothing for Button to wear! ... Time to get crafty.
I had a rectangle piece of fleece handy which is great if you need to cut it as it will cut clean, no threads or need to hem it. 

For size it fit perfectly, it went down to her knees and fit loosely round her neck. You could make it longer if you wish. Also the good thing about velcro is it would pop away from their neck if it got caught. 

Add on some sticky velcro, it lasted for the party then came off easily, so I can use the fabric again for something else. Sweet!

Buddy had a tutu in his dress up box (long story), but it was very handy for her costume.

You can do your own No Sew Tutu, The Pinning Mama has a great tutorial.

Well there you have it, easy peasy and I could take the cape and tutu easily if she got annoyed and she still had a whole outfit on. 

Thought next to the other superheroes I'm pretty sure she looked more like a very cute girly hobbit!

Happy Face!
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