Buddy's Pirate Party

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

This is a bit of a late post, Buddy's birthday party was back on the 8th but one sickness after another, busy times indeed. Finally here they are, the pictures from Buddy's Pirate party filled with piraty details (Piraty or piratey, it is a word now)

This be the way to the island, x marks the spot!

Pirate Button at the start of the party, El Boton ready to wrestle by the end heehee

Captain Buddy ready for his shipmates to arrive, with cheeseball gun and paper sword

Table decked out with pirate treats, cannonballs (cheese balls), sea dogs (hot dogs), peg legs (sausage rolls),
and berried treasure (fruit goodness)

Also had salt water jelly with alligators for dessert 

Shipmate Mummy making the other mateys walk the plank!

Poor shipmate Daddy the mateys are teaching him a lesson with their paper swords (got the tutorial from Filth Wizardry, so easy to make)

Here is our awesome pirate ship, which I can say is still standing. It takes up most of Buddy's room but I made it in to a ball pit so still lots of fun.

Walk the Plank!

Buddy's party bags included, chocolate coins, candy necklaces and some pirate themed colouring pages. 

Come aboard the Pirate Ship Cake, thankfully my bestest friend came to help me with this, I would have had no hope on my own.

Waiting to blow out his candles.

We used boxed cake mix (for time and chocolaty goodness), added curly wurlys, pretzels and cherrios for the windows and railings. 

It was big hit and really yummy, we might have eaten most of the curly wurlys ourselves though ;)

Button enjoyed it the most I think, well from the mess I assumed so.

Everyone had a great time and Buddy loved every second of it till everyone left and he got a fever and spent the rest of the day in bed but luckily he was better by the next day.

Not fun to be sick on his birthday but he made it through his party a happy pirate!

Happy Face

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