From the TARDIS to the Buddy

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Now we had a very big birthday coming up, our Buddy turned 4! He was really excited and mum was too cause it meant I could get my craftiness in to gear and get creative for Buddy's party, this year it was all about Pirates. 

Now you remember I made Buddy & Button a TARDIS playhouse, it's been taking up plenty of room so it will go to a new purpose, a big ole pirate ship.

 It looked a little worse for wear when I started, it looked like it had already crash landed. So I went about cutting the windows with a box cutter.

Added in some sides with boxes that I had been collecting for a project such as this. We did have a few nappy and mystery boxes lying around. Looks like we had plenty of dished too, oops.

Then on goes the front, spongebob was a big help to my poor knees or carpet is thin as. 

I gave it a quick paint all over with white undercoat to hide the print on the boxes. Cut in a port hole or two and cleaned a few dishes ha! 

Then goes on the brown paint. This was painful, how hard is it to make brown paint you say, well when you put in the wrong yellow by mistake and end up with a load of grey paint it took a while to fix but it came out great in the end. 

Arr me hearties, here be a load of tape!

Add in a few details, a few jolly rogers, an anchor and sail and the ships name 'The Buddy' Just so we know who's ship it is!

And we are done! Add a blue sheet for the sea and climb aboard.

Let the party being, but don't cross Captain Tane or he'll make ye Walk the Plank!

Happy Face!
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