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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Getting the word out in the social media driven world that we live in should be easy. Just reading and sharing a Facebook, Twitter, blog post or sharing a You tube video is all we need to do to get the world to sit up, take notice and help these brave little ones. 
Please share the following information and video, by working together we can bring awareness and make Hope a reality. 

One such wee man, who became a huge inspiration to many including myself is Cannon Wiggins. My little sister Gigha had an amazing 5 months looking after wee Cannon and he became a big part of her heart and in turn ours. 
We read all about Cannons progress on his Cannonballing Cancer Facebook page, showing us the highs and the lows of this brave wee mans journey to being cancer free and the love and support from his fabulous family.  Here is one of the latest updates. 

Cannonballing Cancer
Day plus 13..up up up!!!!

Cannon's counts jumped up again today and were starting to see a slither of the Cannon who we came into transplant with! ANC was 3414 which is just amazing!!!! Go Cannonball! We are close to being out of the VOD days ( day 15) praying hard - praying very hard! I hope I see some smiles soon!

Cannon tried to eat a gold fish today he put it in his mouth but his mouth is too sore to chew so it just feel out
in his saliva :(( we will keep trying!

I got to spend the day with twins today - they basically laugh and smile non-stop! What a blessing! What an incredibly lucky human being I am - I am beyond blessed for my children, husband and family! I never take that for granted. Enjoy some pics from today! I wish the twins didn't need to leave on Friday but I'm very grateful for my mother and sister making it possible for me to have them here with me now- without them it wouldn't be possible and I couldn't breastfeed them - for that I am extremely grateful! I don't know what I would have done during this incredibly trying time without their amazing support - the strongest women I know! I love you mum and Nicole!

We miss dada and Olivia and hope to be with you all soon! Good job Bishop Moore on the win tonight - go hornets!

And just for my buddy Lorena - Bama rules LSU drools ! Roll ride roll for Saturday 

Cannonball kids cancer
Thankful for the fight
Pray hard

Buddy feels like Cannon is his friend, even though they have never met and asks about him and what he is going through. We do what we can from here in NZ and my family back home in Scotland do the same. I know this post is only a small gesture in the large scheme of things but I want people to be aware of the struggle and the fight.

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