Ziplock Bag Painting

Monday, 23 September 2013

I don't know about you, ok I am positive it's the same with you, that when the paint comes out it gets on everything. No matter if I put down mats or paper, it ends up on the carpet and clothes and once it ended up under his t shirt and trousers, how Buddy did it is a mystery!

Painting is a favourite of mine, I have a Bachelor of Arts and I like to put that to good use and arts and crafts at home with Buddy & Button is my way of doing just that. However, Button has yet to have the joy of playing with paint and being in a rental I have been hiding it from her, which just isn't fair. 

So, what to do, I searched through pinterest like we all do and found this, ziplock bag painting, thanks again pinterest! So handy as I have everything needed the finger paint, ziplock bags and tape all in the house, ready to go. And mess free .. we shall see! 

Turns out I only had 1 bag, a little bit of finger paint and some white poster paint but overall a success for a few minutes anyway. They go back now and again so it's staying up for the time being, till the sun dries up the paint. 

Happy Painting

Skye, Buddy & Button

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