Round and round the socks go - Part 2

Saturday, 28 September 2013

We were getting on quite well with our mini washing machine, till we started painting. Unfortunately the paint was quite watery so didn't come out as well as I'd like. 

Though Buddy had fun painting anyway, and is pleased with the little project that we did.

Next, we had to make some socks, which would be great for a matching pairs game. So how to make them the same, I could only think of one way that Buddy could help do. Folded paper paintings. 

Here are our creations, and then we cut them up into socks and added some detail.

Well here it is, a washing machine that looks a bit past its prime but still lots of fun for Buddy & Button. A great wee game of shaking the socks around and finding pairs, it may not last the day but it shall be fun while it lasts.

Happy Crafting!

Skye, Buddy & Button

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