Doctor Who Party - Geronimo!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Our wee Buddy turned 3 at the beginning of the year and what better for his party theme than his, OK our favourite TV show, Doctor Who!
It was a month in the making, but I am so pleased with the outcome. We are big fans in our house and this was the first party I had attempted to do it all myself, with some help from a printer of course.

The birthday boy, being a fan of eleven, came complete with suspenders and his bow tie, bow ties are cool you know!

Who would the doctor be without his TARDIS, sonic screwdriver and his companion. I made a TARDIS photo backdrop out of a blue table cloth and printed details. His screwdriver was a present from his granny and grandad and projects Doctor Who images on the wall. His companion, arrived the September before and unfortunately for him he is stuck with her, no weeping angels or parallel universes will get rid of Button. 

For party details we had some Doctor Who episodes on the TV, though they were a bit scary for some of the little ones, so we had some soundtracks playing in the background. I also made up some 'power of three' favour boxes, had Who themed colouring in pages and themed food too. 

Our TARDIS blue table came with adipose marshmallows, dinosaurs, jelly babies and fish fingers and custard (the fish fingers, which I tried to make out of sponge cake and biscuit crumbs, never worked for me, which I was sad about.) 

Last but not least, the cake. I am not ashamed to say that I am not the best at Cake decorating, though I had to attempt a TARDIS cake for his birthday. I made a square sponge cake for the base with blue and grey swirled fondant (you cant see the detail in the photo,sorry) and added sugar stars. The TARDIS I made out of rice bubbles, melted marshmallows, fondant and icing pens. I was so proud of it and Buddy loved it so my job was done!

I had so many ideas for this party and couldn't do everything I wanted but I was so happy with what we ended up with. Buddy had a great birthday and he is still asking for a Doctor Who party for his next birthday, so I must have done something right. Who knows we might have a wee party for the Christmas episode to say goodbye to eleven and hello to twelve!

 photo whoparty_zpsa3a59c3a.gif

Skye, Buddy & Button

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