My First Picture Book

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Letting their imagination run wild is my favourite part of our art projects and today Buddy had a lot of fun with his. Just a few folded sheets of paper, some colouring pens and 5 scenes to draw.  

Easy! He would tell me what to write as he wanted to draw the pictures in his book all by himself. 

His first page, "hmm, what to do" he would say an then after a few minutes of deep thought he shouted "An elephant playing golf, an elephant doesn't play golf mummy"!! 

Next two umbrellas in the rain.

Three monkeys in the bath "Can't fit anymore in mum" he said, love his thinking!

Four frogs in the pond.

And finally 5 cars driving down the street, when Buddy stated "Sorry mum, they go down the road" 

So much fun and he is now off in his thinking chair (his reading chair in his room) to think of what 6-10 will be. I am looking forward to finding out.

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