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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

For my readers from the rest of world one of our supermarkets New World did a promotion where you got these little shop miniatures. People went nuts for them!!
We never got them all but they were so cute I couldn't resist a little shop of our own. My favourites are the eggs, peanut butter, water bottle and the little butter.
Buddy loves to have his own wee shop, easily made out of an open nappy box. It's a great way for him to learn adding and subtracting when I pay for my little minis.

His writing seems to be coming along great too, I just found that he had written this on his mini shop! I'm so impressed, it's amazing for his age. 

Then of course there is Button who just likes to search through them to find the nicest one to eat. Ha!

Simple and lots of fun, Happy Shopping
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