Jurassic Park : The Lost World of Cardboard

Monday, 28 July 2014

As you well know we love a good rummage around the recycling to do a little UPcycling as often as we can. Buddy & Button love cardboard boxes, what kid doesn't and Mum is a big fan of making those boxes in to something a little bit special. 

This was a good haul today and some had already been painted, I don't remember doing that? So what to do? After a wee think, I remember going out with Buddy and he found some toy dinosaurs well you can guess what happens next.

I cut up three cereal boxes, added a few pieces of cardboard for fenced off areas and two plastic containers for an entrance.

Paint, paint, paint. Get the paint out and let them go wild(ish).

I painted the fiddly bits, the borders and the entrance.

Finally a little decoration. I hand drew this, quite proud of myself actually. Go me!

Add in the little dinosaurs.

A plane and a truck is a must.

Buddy taking one of his dinosaurs for a tour around the park. It was so much fun to make and Buddy is loving his new home for his dinosaurs. Button was less than impressed, I may need to make a zoo for her.  
Happy Face!
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