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Monday, 27 January 2014

This post has been waiting for me to write it, we moved in months ago now and I updated this couch before we moved in. I had seen so many pins on pinterest of others who had attempted to update and old piece of furniture to make it new and modern, for little cost. 

                                    Via Our Blue Front Door & Mom 4 Real 

One day the Mr was searching through TradeMe (NZ's ebay) and out of nowhere decided to buy an old 2 seater for a $1, so here was my chance and why not! Here's the couch before (the Mr is giving it a quick sand for me)

I need to find the pics of the couch between these stages. I used interior car spray paint, that you can get from any auto store. I went for an electric blue to add a splash of colour to Buddy's light green room. 

After painting I masked off the wood and gave it an extra sand for the paint to stick better.

I used a white gloss for the wood, I did have a few accidents along the way but at this cost I wasn't too fussed. I was still really happy how it was looking.

Well here it is, the completed couch in Buddy's room with an added Button. ;) I'm thinking now I should have done another coat of the blue but it still looks great. 

It has been the best addition to Buddy's room (apart from his TARDIS, of course) and they both love to sit and read here before bed. Also this will be the only time I'll see it this tidy. Ha!

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