Cotton Wool Santa!

Monday, 16 December 2013

Loving the crafty fun we are having at the moment! Such a lot of fun and there is cotton wool balls everywhere. Here is one of our Christmas themed crafts that was not only fun to do but gives the wall a little holiday cheer. 

I glued two sheets of white paper together, added a red paper hat and drew in a Santa face, a big beard shape and wee body at the bottom. Feel free to copy my Santa or use one of your own.  

Sorry about the photos, I'd only taken one pic after I drew Santa and Buddy was already in with the glue.
Then Buddy glued and stuck on his cotton wool beard and fluffy trim on his hat. While it 'dried' I coloured in the details. 

So here he is our mini Santa watching over the tree for the real big guy to come. 

Merry Crafting!!

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