From the high seas to the skies

Friday, 4 April 2014

It's been a TARDIS, a pirate ship and finally I attempted a rocket for our little astronaut. Buddy loves learning about space and the solar system and with the pirate ship on it's last leg it was in need of a makeover. 

The top of the rocket was awful, such an annoying thing to do on your own, I suggest two pairs for hands! 

 I was a bit lazy with this one and only painted the front, but still looks great!

 The sun is out so taking advantage of it to get it dry for Buddy coming home from kindy.

Add a few details, set it up in his room with some stars to boot and we are ready for Buddy.

 He was so excited when I picked him up and told him there was a big surprise in his room.

Buddy & Button are having an adventure in space, I'm not allowed to go but I got a thumbs up and a smile.

Three great adventures just from one cardboard box.What would you do with yours?

Happy Face!

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