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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A bit of gloomy day fun (It's not quite raining, yet). I have seen these activities through the many blogs I search through so thought I'd give them a try today. Keeping the little monsters busy and happy in between food and sleep is what I do everyday so got to keep things interesting and different. 

So what did we do so far, well here comes the mass amount of photos to show you.

Some masking tape on the doorway and some tape rolled up in to balls and away they flew. Even Button tried.

While Button had a nap Buddy wanted to wash his toys, I suggested a car wash to limit the amount of toys went in the sink. 

A bit of motor skills fun, with pipe cleaners and a colander. Then out came the cotton balls and tongs, Button working on her pincer grip and Buddy adding and subtracting.

Add a bit of tape to the floor and it can become anything that they imagine. Today it was a maze and Buddy kicked the ball through, if he hit the tap he had to go back to the start. This was lots of fun till Button came along. 

And then the old faithful board games. Yay Pop-Up Pirate!

lThere is lots for us to do and yes, I did it all in one afternoon. A bit more imagination however and we'll have another crazy day tomorrow. 

Happy face!

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