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Monday, 14 October 2013

Well back to normal (if you can call it that) after the holidays and some new things are happening with us. We have moved out of our rental and in to Buddy & Buttons Nana's house till we can get the keys to our very first home. The kids are loving it and not fussed about the change, they are still being a crazy bundle of everything. 

Buddy is back to kindy, straight in and I find him painting. Proudly showing me his work of art he starts pointing out the sheet of paper has his name on already, they know him so well! Great to see he loves art as much as I do. 

With Buddy doing what he does best (and I will add, always returning with TWO shoes filled to the brim with sand?) Button and I finally made it to a Little Jigglers class at our local Parents Centre.  It was fantastic for both of us to do something just Button and Mama. She had a great time, and took five steps all on her own, she'll be running after Buddy before we know it.

A new addition to our week also, Buddy starts swimming lessons tomorrow and he can't wait. It's going to be an exciting day and a very long one for him and me, but the smiles and fun will be worth the tired grumpy wee man I'll get later on in the day.

Well, that's us for now. Button is fast asleep after a very busy day and Buddy is beside me reading his books with TAG (his leap frog reader, a handy wee thing). 

Happy Days!

Skye, Buddy & Button 

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